10 Things to think about – Separation

Deciding to separate can be an emotional, isolating and lonely time to live through not only for yourself but for others around you.

Keeping a rational, clear head can make all the difference, so Parrott & Coales has written a ten-point checklist to help you focus and cope with the process.

10 things to think about when considering Separation

  1. What is happening? Is your desire to separate because of a specific instance or incident? (a fall out during the pressures of Christmas) or due to a number of events over a longer period? Is your wish to separate a reaction to a particular issue or behaviour that could be discussed or the outcome of something bigger?
  2. It's good to talk Confide in a friend or relative and get your thoughts out in the open, having someone to listen to your problems can help put your feelings in context.
  3. Get some advice It’s not uncommon for people to see a solicitor to discuss legal options or mediation at this early stage. We offer a fixed fee option for your first consultation.
  4. Money Often one of the hardest points to settle, do you know you and your partner’s salaries, outgoings and assets, this could include pensions, investments and property. Do you need to protect your assets? Did you have a Pre-nuptial agreement?
  5. Home Who owns the property that you live in?  Is there a mortgage, if so, how is it paid? Would you want to stay in the home or find somewhere new?
  6. Children Often the most emotionally difficult aspect of separation to think about, in the event of separation, what living arrangements would keep their life as normal as possible.
  7. Legal Support If you make the decision to separate and/or divorce, you should see a solicitor with the information that you have gathered and thought about so far. If it helps, write down everything this will help you make the most of your time with your legal adviser and ensure that you ask all the questions you have.
  8. Options There are a number of different options for couples who wish to separate; many are alternatives to court, which can save you both time and money. Before making a decision, make sure you are aware of all the options open to you, you may wish to discuss the options with your partner so you are both in agreement before proceeding.
  9. Court If the situation cannot be resolved, you should seek legal representation from your solicitor who will be able to advise you as well as communicate and carry out court proceedings on your behalf.
  10. Costs Make sure you know how much the process you choose will cost and how or who will meet these fees, right from the start. Your solicitor should offer a fixed fee for divorce and talk to you about any extra costs before they begin their work.

If you'd like to discuss the legal aspect of your separation, Parrott and Coales can help you. Please contact our Family Law team today on 01296 318 500.